Record player for my parents’ wedding anniversary

Hi everybody, Lisa is here again, with another story to share.

After the successfully razer buying, now I’m ready to buy something else, with the help of the internet, of course.

My parents’ 20th wedding anniversary is coming the next weekend. They still love each other and if I’m right their love is getting stronger and stronger every day. I still don’t know how they do it, it is incredible.

They told the whole family that they want nothing for that event, they just want to live it as every other day. But I could not do it. I want to give them a gift, with what I could show them how much I appreciate them.

I was looking for the right gift for months and I finally found it.

one great record player

I recently came across the VHS collection of my parents and I rewatched their anniversary. It was touching, I cried a bit with a huge smile on my face. During the video I noticed that there were no band to play music during the ceremony, but a turntable with several vinyl discs.

I knew I saw that record player before, but that was long time ago. I asked about it my mother and she told me that unfortunately they lost it during the moving to our current house 10 years ago.

With a stroke of a genius I knew exactly what am I going to give them as a gift: a turntable!

With Shazam I found the music that were played during the ceremony and with a huge luck I could bought them on vinyl. The last piece of the puzzle was to buy a player for them.

I searched a lot for the most suitable, but I could not find the exact same what they had, so I had to find a similar. I found the best record players under 500 dollars reviewed in English on this site: Pick My Turntable . Thanks to that I could buy a new, but old stylish turntable, which was on sale.

It’ll arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to see my parents’ face when I give them my gift package [Szimbólum]


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